Fitting and Balancing

Fitting and Balancing up to 24″ Diameter Wheels with State of the Art Equipment

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we can fit and balance up to 28” diameter wheels to your vehicle. Wheel balancing is incredibly important to ensure the weight of the wheel and tyre is even around the axle, with our equipment able to identify even the smallest of differences that could affect performance.

We’ll ensure your new tyres are expertly fitted and then balanced to guarantee you don’t feel any vibration when driving at speed, experience any uneven wear and ultimately don’t put the tyres under any unnecessary pressure.


Tracking, or wheel alignment, is essential to ensure your wheels are positioned and aligned in the exactly the same direction. Without effective tracking, your vehicle could pull to one side when you’re driving and experience increased tyre wear on one side compared to the other.

When fitting any new tyres, we’ll align your tyres in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines through the use of our specialist equipment. This equipment checks each of the wheels and ensures they are all positioned in the exact position to achieve high level performance and an enjoyable ride.

Camber and Castor Alignment and Adjustment

At PRO-Tyres, we also offer camber and castor alignment and adjustment. We’ll work to the specifications of your vehicle to correctly align and adjust the wheel camber, which has a major role in the vehicle’s cornering and stability, as well as the wheel castor which is all about the straight lines and ensuring you always take a straight course with little or no effort on your part.

Our team will only ever work to your vehicle manufacturer’s exact specifications when it comes to camber and castor alignment to give you the best possible driving experience.

Nitrogen Gas

Purified nitrogen has been used for many years to inflate the tyres of racing cars, and with PRO-Tyres you can now have your new premium, high performance or track tyres inflated with nitrogen gas too.

With nitrogen inflated tyres, you can enjoy less corrosion compared to the use of air, as there isn’t any moisture present, and you’ll also experience slower rates of pressure loss because the nitrogen molecules are larger than the oxygen ones they have replaced.

At PRO-Tyres, we offer a FREE local collection and delivery service, to your home or business, with all services over £100. This means you can enjoy the ultimate VIP service without needing to leave your home or workplace; the ideal solution for those people where time is precious but you don’t want to compromise on end results.